Touched all-around by the Mediterranean, Greece benefits from a very pleasant climate, amazing beaches and a rich variety of landscapes from lush, green mountains to sun-kissed islands. A crossroads between Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Greece is easily accessible and the point of attraction for both families seeking a second home or a friendly place to relocate, as well as commercial and land investors.

At Pagonis and Partners, we serve both Greek and foreign clients looking for trusted and experienced property consultants. We have a rich portfolio of properties, ranging from city-residential to luxury real estate and from commercial spaces to land property.                                                                                                                                                      

We offer our thorough knowledge of the Greek market, the properties, the entire process and work fluently in both English and French. We have a wide network of trusted professionals to provide expert advice on legal, financial and cultural matters. We provide specialized professional consultation and written reports on all matters related to property taxation, expenses relative to the sale as well as safety, security and building surveys.                                                                                                           

We know that the needs of each client are unique and we work together with them to find the solutions that serve them best. We accompany our clients through to the successful completion of the transaction and beyond with our post-sale support service.                                                                                                               

Our aim is to supply our expertise, care and personalized services in order to help our clients achieve their objectives and make long-term personally and financially rewarding investments.